Update on Dr Sutton September 2018

September 2018

Dear All,

Looking back on the last Update in June I was just about to start on a Pilgrimage fro m Winchester to Canterbury Cathedrals, and to visit the site of the shine St Thomas A’ Becket.

Well it took 3 days to cycle the distance to Canterbury. It was right in the middle of the summer heat-wave so it hot, hard work, but it was very fulfilling to have made it and to experience the special quality of the Cathedral.

However soon things began to change and as a result I missed one of England’s World Cup games (!) as I was needing an urgent scan – that showed that the Cancer has recurred and was progressing. I needed special Steroid medication to reduce a lot of swelling and get me going again.

But over the past few weeks I’ve felt fairly well, apart from tiredness and muscle fatigue, both related to the Steroids. We have visited friends in the West Country and then had a fortnight in the Lake District with family and especially grandchildren, and managed to get into the fells a do some walking.

There’s some more treatment to come recommended by an Oncologist in Charing Cross Hospital which may help things, although there are go guarantees !
There’s a 2 month cycle of treatment followed by a follow-up scan to see if it’s helping.

I will keep you posted how things get on.

With best wishes,
Dr Roger Sutton.

June 2018

Dear All,

It’s been a while since my last ‘Update’ at the end of March. Since then I’ve continued with my monthly visits to the Oncology clinic at QA hospital and have now finished all the 6 cycles of Chemotherapy!!

There will be a follow-up MRI scan in July to see what progress has been made and although I am free of obvious symptoms, as you know Cancer has a nasty habit of creeping back again un-announced. So I must wait patiently until the results of the scan are known.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying many of the benefits of retirement.
Time to enjoy life, time to spend with Grandchildren, time even to watch the World Cup!

In April I was honoured to receive from the Bishop of Portsmouth an award to mark “lengthy and exception service to the Community (of Leigh Park) and the Church”. It was a great pleasure to have many family and friends present at the Cathedral and my mum was especially delighted to make it.

The badge from the Bishop is a replica of a pilgrim’s badge dating from the Middle Ages and depicts St Thomas a Becket, shortly before his death at the orders of King Henry II. I shall be visiting Canterbury Cathedral and the site where St Thomas is buried when I make a Pilgrimage there later this month.

I will keep you posted with how things go.

With my best wishes,

Dr Roger Sutton.