Latest News of Dr Roger Sutton

It’s been a while since I sent in any news. I tried experimental treatment with a cannabinoid but it didn’t appear effective so after 3 months I stopped.

 I have had several lovely visits to the family and we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas – although that was marred slightly by me getting Shingles!  I’m sure many of you will be able to sympathise with that. 

Mobility is pretty restricted, but I am enjoying being driven in this early spring weather and can manage the walk from the car into a pub for lunch!  

I am still able to enjoy day to day activities, and have continued to visit a few more cathedrals.  

Next month’s highlight is planning lunch with the little boy who was my kidney recipient, who is about to turn 18 and become a man! 

Still remember all the years working with you and thankful for all your kindness and concern for me.